About Us

We are a heavy-research based content company, dedicated to providing reading articles in the field of technology to the thousands of readers who logon to our platform on a daily basis. Because the industry we operate in is as unpredictable and volatile as any of the other life determining genres of business out there, we are on a constant growth spurt towards the kind of platform that a reader lands on and can’t get enough of.

We are always putting our lives through the news we cover, nothing is worth more than a satisfied reader after going through a well described experience of the technology they love. This inclusion of ourselves in the content gets them way ahead of their peers and work mates, something that colleges are making a killing from, yet we demand nothing more than their views on the news.

We are not too good, and will never settle until we are the sole platform on which all other companies derive their news from. All the readers who have continued to stick with us and call in their friends to experience great content, are the key we hinge on for the future to be anywhere close to what we believe it should be.